History of the David Foster Foundation

For David Foster, an award winning composer, singer, songwriter and record producer, the popular saying, “Mother knows best,” truly hits close to home. Twenty-five years ago, David received a call from his mother, asking if he’d drop by the UCLA Medial Center and offer support to a child who was waiting for a liver transplant and originally from David’s own hometown of Victoria, BC.

When David arrived at the hospital and asked if there was anything she wanted (thinking that a trip to Disneyland might be in order), the little girl replied that her only wish was to see her sister – the cost to fly the sibling from British Columbia to California was an added expense the family just couldn’t afford. After fulfilling the girl’s request and seeing the pure joy in the young patient’s eyes, David recognized a gap within Canada’s healthcare system. While provincial plans covered most transplant-related costs, all non-medical (but essential) expenses, such as airline travel, hotel fees and vehicle rentals, were left up to the family to deal with, adding an extra burden to an already stressful situation. By the end of the day, the seeds of what would become the David Foster Foundation had been sown.

The David Foster Foundation work to provide financial support to Canadian families with children undergoing life-saving organ transplants. Over the past quarter century, our Foundation has helped more than 700 families and has provided millions of dollars in direct support. In addition to easing financial stresses, our Foundation also strives to increase organ donor awareness and registration in Canada and the United States. If you’d like to learn more about the David Foster Foundation or find out how to sign up to be an organ donor, please visit




Figure 1- Britney at age 4 with David Foster

David Foster is something else. His Foundation helped get us a place to live. They have been amazing to us.

-Shawn Brewster (daughter, Britney, underwent a heart transplant at the age of four).

Figure 2-Curtis with parents Amber and Alex

They made it possible for me to be with my family at a time when they most need me. Without the David Foster Foundation, there were no other options other than me not being there.

-Alex Kellar (son, Curtis (age three), is in need of a heart transplant).

Figure 3-Laura after her win at the World Transplant Games

The David Foster Foundation’s support has helped my parents survive financially. In the first years, after my transplant, we were making frequent trips to the local hospital. There were times that my parents didn’t know what to do and they felt like giving up. Thanks to the DFF for helping them with our trips to Toronto. We are forever thankful.

-Laura Gaudet, age 12, heart transplant recipient

Figure 4-Deacon with Dad Shane

It really is an amazing foundation and I hope it brings others as much hope as it brought our family knowing there is such a foundation out there that supports transplant families. Thank you for everything you have done for us. David Foster, you truly are amazing.

-Shane Parker and Anna Sunshine (2 year old son Deacon had a multivisceral transplant, one of only five such transplants in Canada)