• Asia’s Got Talent reveals new slate of judges for Season 2

    Posted : July 27, 2017

    Returning in 2017 is reality TV show Asia’s Got Talent, revealing its slate of judges for its upcoming second season.

    Bringing back industry veterans David Foster and Anggun, the duo are now joined by K-pop superstar Jay Park, whose expertise in the blossoming world of Korean pop music adds a newer, fresher dimension to the talent competition. Season 1’s judge panel comprised of former Spice Girl Melanie C and Taiwanese superstar Vanness Wu alongside Foster and Anggun.

    The judges were revealed at a press conference at ArtScience Museum this afternoon, announced by the TV show’s new hosts: MTV Asia VJ Alan Wong and actor Justin Bratton.

    The show is set to commence filming tomorrow (July 28th) after rigorous auditions in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Taipei, Jakarta, and Selangor through the months of May and June, following an online audition process earlier this year.

    Asia’s Got Talent will be screened later in the year on AXN, with its finals set to take place at Marina Bay Sands.

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  • David Foster to Be Honored at Grammy Museum Gala

    Posted : June 22, 2017

    The Grammy Museum will honor 16-time Grammy winner David Foster at its third annual Gala, taking place Sept. 19 at The Novo in Los Angeles. Foster will receive the Architects of Sound Award in recognition of his contributions to music, which include Grammys for his work with Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Earth, Wind & Fire, Michael Buble and more. The benefit will support the Museum’s newly expanded music education programs, which were integrated with those of its sister organization, the Grammy Foundation, earlier this year.

    “We are thrilled to be celebrating such an influential talent and powerhouse music figure as David Foster for our first major fundraising event since integrating the Grammy Museum and Grammy Foundation,” said Scott Goldman, who was recently named the museum’s executive director. “We are honored to have the opportunity to place a much-deserved spotlight on his impactful work.”

    “It’s an honor to be celebrated by the Grammy Museum and to support such a great cause as music education,” said Foster.

    The Gala will also recognize Nathan Strayhorn, the recipient of the 2017 Jane Ortner Education Award, which honors K-12 academic teachers who use music in the classroom as a powerful educational tool. In addition to a dinner, there will also be a tribute concert featuring performances to be announced soon by musicians and aspiring student musicians who have previously participated in the Museum’s music education programs.

  • FORBES INTERVIEW: David Foster – The Enduring Impact of Talent

    Posted : August 5, 2016

    By: Barrett Wissman , CONTRIBUTOR

    I have witnessed several decades of the latest fads and newest genres in the music industry. I have seen the one-hit wonders, the birth of new stars manufactured by the recording industry and the artists that have come and gone with the changing times. Whatever is popular today may not be popular tomorrow, not to mention 30 or even 300 years from now. Is it even possible to say if we have any Mozarts or Da Vincis in our midst today? One might be able to fathom the Beatles, Baryshnikov or Bowie qualifying for such a distinction, but we will never really know in our lifetime.

    To even qualify for consideration, one must have talent. Talent is a powerful force, but it isn’t talent alone that breeds success. Creators must be willing to constantly challenge themselves and adapt their talent over time. A strong will and drive are also hallmarks of lasting success.

    Over the past decade, I have come to respect and admire David Foster. He is first and foremost a composer, songwriter and producer. He is also a performer, arranger, host and bon-vivant. He is a tireless force of nature and the modern manifestation of multi-faceted talent. His name may not role off of everyone’s tongue, but he has almost five decades of hits and Grammys under his belt. He has also been responsible for mentoring and launching the career of many a star and pop-icon.


    David Foster – Photo: Courtesy of Air Asia

    Composers and songwriters are the unsung heroes of the modern music world. In our society today, celebrity is everything. Almost anyone young or old recognizes who Barbara Streisand, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Whitney Houston or Frank Sinatra is. Many don’t know however who wrote or produced the music and lyrics that made their performances come to life. I would venture to guess that very few millennials actually know who Cole Porter, Irving Berlin or Dianne Warren is.

    In comparison, we really only remember the composers from music history. Most everyone with a little bit of music education knows who Bach, Beethoven or Chopin is. One would however need to be a devotee to know the celebrity performers who actually played or sang their music during their lifetimes.

    In an ironic twist of fate, David Foster has become more of a mainstream celebrity over the past couple of years for reasons having nothing to do with his musical talent. His status as the husband of Yolanda Hadid, one of the characters on the popular reality show, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, thrust him into the pop culture limelight. Further adding fuel to the paparazzi-driven fire is the fact that David is the stepfather of Bella and Gigi Hadid, the young IT models of the moment.

    Last December, the announcement of David and Yolanda Foster’s impending marital split triggered an unprecedented amount of speculation and rumor mongering. I asked David about this during our interviews for this piece. He didn’t want to comment on the situation other than to express bewilderment about the fact that a reality show and his separation from Yolanda rather than his storied career had thrown him into the spotlight. It has subjected his personal life to the tabloid sharks looking only for the most salacious details.


    David Foster with Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand

    David Foster’s career as a composer, pianist, producer and songwriter spans five decades. He has won 16 Grammy Awards and has a dizzying list of other distinctions and awards too long to list from the Order of Canada to several honorary doctorates and a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Foster has produced or written for Christina Aguilera, Seal, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Donna Summer, Olivia Newton-John, Natalie Cole, Josh Groban, Toni Braxton and Alice Cooper, to name a few.

    Originally hailing from British Columbia, Foster moved to England as a 16 year-old teenager to perform with the rock band the Strangers. The Strangers became the back-up band for Chuck Berry for a couple of tours and in Foster’s own words: “I saw a lot of sex, drugs and rock and roll at 16, but didn’t partake!”. He moved back to Canada and then settled in Los Angeles in the early 1970s with his band Skylark, whose song “Wildflower” was a top 10 hit.  After playing keyboards on various albums in the 1970s, Foster had his first major breakthroughs in 1978 and 1979 with Hall & Oates’ album “Along the Red Ledge” and with Earth, Wind and Fire’s album “I Am”. Foster co-wrote several songs on the Earth, Wind and Fire album, including the hit “After the Love Has Gone”, for which he won his first Grammy in 1980.

    The 1980s were a decade of important collaborations for David Foster. His major partnerships with Boz Scaggs, Chicago and Peter Cetera, Chaka Kahn, Kenny Loggins and Kenny Rogers as a producer and songwriter produced hit after chart-topping hit. Number one hits such as Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” and “You’re the Inspiration” have left an indelible mark on the history of American pop music culture. Foster also successfully scored several films including “St. Elmo’s Fire” and the Michael J. Fox film “The Secret of My Success”.

    David Foster’s work on the “Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston, “Unforgettable” with Natalie Cole and the launch of Celine Dion’s career kicked the 1990s off with a bang. He continued his work as a producer collaborating with Celine, Barbra Streisand,  Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and N’ Sync.


    David Foster with Natalie Cole

    More recently, David Foster has been credited with discovering and developing the talents of Josh Groban and Michael Buble, producing several of their albums. The last decade has included multiple new projects including new albums and television specials with Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige, Diana Krall, Jackie Evancho and Seal.

    Never content to sit on the sidelines, Foster has begun to actively perform as an artist again on his “David Foster and Friends” tours. Foster collaborates with multiple artists he has worked with over the years on these tours that have taken him across Asia, the US and beyond. Always entertaining, “Foster and Friends” gives a simultaneous glimpse of his work with iconic artists from the past and his new discoveries as well.

    In 2015, David Foster joined the television talent search show “Asia’s Got Talent” as a judge. Known for his ability to spot and promote new talent, Foster has become a hit on the show and has demonstrated his insight into the search for the stars of the future.

    In speaking with Foster, it is the future that excites him the most. He is always looking for the next new challenge, and his firm belief is that the next stage of his artistic development is on Broadway. According to Foster, Broadway and its theatrical elements allow him to explore his creative talents as a composer and storyteller and to be involved at the inception when taking on a project. Unlike his lifetime exploits as a producer and developer of careers, writing for and developing a Broadway show allows him to focus on what he does best unconstrained by any one individual artist.

    David Foster’s first new project is to bring to life the early 20th century cartoon character Betty Boop. Although Betty Boop’s character appeared in cartoons, it was never fully developed into a book, feature-length film or TV show. Licensing the character from Max Fleischer’s estate, Foster’s partners in the project are producer Bill Haber and director Jerry Mitchell. Their target is to workshop the project this coming winter with the goal of launching a touring show by the end of 2017.

    David Foster is also concurrently working on his one man show, an autobiographical sketch tracking his life and work as a producer and songwriter. Inspired by Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays, Foster’s project will feature himself as the main character, performer and pianist working with four singers who are meant to loosely represent Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight, Celine Dion and Josh Groban. Directed by Kelly Devine, the show will be in development this coming winter. Foster’s hope is to launch the show in second half of 2017.

    Aside from David Foster’s artistic life and performing career, he has been a tireless force in the philanthropic world. Foster has built his own foundation, the David Foster Foundation, which has for the last 28 years helped give financial support to families with children in need of major organ transplants. Foster and many of the aritsts he has collaborated with over the years have put on gala concert after gala concert raising money for the cause, which has helped over 1000 families.


    PHOENIX, AZ – MARCH 24: Muhammad Ali and musician David Foster (R) onstage during Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XVIII held at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa on March 24, 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CFN)

    In addition to his own Foundation, Foster has supported and produced the music for Celebrity Fight Night over several decades. The event, which honors Muhammad Ali and has supported his efforts to fight Parkinson’s disease, is a star-studded gala and fund-raiser that takes place in Phoenix every spring. Jimmy Walker,  the founder and Chairman of Celebrity Fight Night, told me that the event would not have developed as it did without David Foster and his influence on the artists that have attended and performed over the years.

    David Foster has also participated and helped to produce the music program for Barbara Davis’ Carrousel of Hope over many years. The event is a glamorous one supporting the Children’s Diabetes Foundation. He has also been an ardent music contributor to Haim Saban’s Friends of Israeli Defense Forces foundation.

    In today’s world of the importance and influence of social media, it seems like almost anyone with the will and the cosmetic attributes to back it up can make a mark and be “famous”. Given all the distractions we live amongst and the emphasis on the banal from reality shows to the mundanity of much of the electronic music being produced today, we somehow have to reflect upon what enduring talent really is.  Learning about and understanding the lifelong achievements of David Foster and artists like him is important not only for us as a society, but also for our children and future generations.


  • Billboard: David Foster on ‘We Love Disney,’ Making Carla Bruni a Global Pop Star & If Ariana Is His New Celine

    Posted : November 1, 2015

    “I don’t know how you quite make those Celine songs popular in 2015, but if there’s a way, [Ariana Grande] probably would figure that out,” the superproducer tells Billboard.

    “Do you love Disney?”

    Superproducer David Foster already knows the answer to the question he posed to Billboard in our recent interview: He’s spent the last year working on the just-released We Love Disney compilation album, and it wasn’t a hard sell to get Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Ne-Yo and more superstars to put new spins on their favorite Mouse House music.

    “There’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t smile when you say the word ‘Disney.’ … We came up with a wish list [of artists] and, honestly, for the most part, we were able to get our wish list,” Foster tells Billboard of the project, which has already been a massive hit around the world (in France and Australia, plus future versions planned in Italy and Indonesia), and it now sees its first U.S. incarnation.

    Fall Out Boy Shares Disney ‘Jungle Book’ Cover

    Below, Foster talks about why he wasn’t trying to appeal to radio when he madeWe Love Disney, whether Ariana is his new Celine, and how he plans to turn the former first lady of France into the next international pop star.

    How did you end up getting involved with We Love Disney?

    This project started in France, and it just blew up. It got sent to us, and I watched the videos and how the whole process went down, and it was just like, “God dang, we could do that here,” and it became a mandate from [Universal Music chairman and CEO] Lucian Grainge on down: “Let’s come up with a global version.” When you start those projects that seem like beyond — beyond, like you could never pull it off — what I learned was … there’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t smile when you say the word “Disney.” No matter who you are, you have a Disney story or a favorite Disney song. That’s what I found with every turn I took. Obviously, this caliber of artists has intense schedules that you’re trying to find a few hours here, a few hours there. And we wanted to do it right, so it took a lot of time from every artist, but they all participated and they all did amazing. It ended up being a great project.

    How did you come up with this group of artists? Did you start with a wish list and just start asking?

    We came up with a wish list and honestly, for the most part, we were able to get our wish list. And I paired specific songs to specific artists that I had in mind. And sometimes that changed; sometimes it stayed the way it was. With Jason Derulo, I gave him a few options and he zeroed right in on The Lion King. Well actually, he first picked one of the other ones that I suggested for him. We messed around with it a little bit and it didn’t feel right, then The Lion King just locked right in.Kacey Musgraves had actually wanted to do a Robin Hood song, but I suggested “A Spoonful of Sugar” to her, and she just ran with it. She just killed the version — it’s so much fun, what she did with it. … It’s just a gross understatement to say that these songs are great, because they’re more than great. Every one of them is a small piece of a bigger story. When you hear Jessie J singing “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid … your brain goes to the movie and Ariel and all that goes with it. It’s just a great feeling.

    Ne-Yo Covers Robin Williams’ ‘Friend Like Me’ From ‘Aladdin’

    How did all the arrangements go? Did you wait to pair an artist with a song before thinking of an arrangement?

    It was about half and half. I did a lot of the arranging before I got with the artist; they trusted me. Like with Ne-Yo, I pretty much had that arrangement done [forAladdin’s “Friend Like Me”]. I brought in a producer named Jizzo from his camp who came in and tweaked it a little for me to make it a little more Ne-Yo-esque. But I always envisioned that song for Ne-Yo, and I always envisioned it being like a [Michael] Buble kind of big-band party song, and that’s exactly what we ended up with. Ne-Yo has that ability to go there. He obviously is a top 40 artist and is urban and has that edge to him, but he has the ability to go to the suit-and-tie-and-top-hat dancing big band. I learned that when I worked with him a few years ago for one of my Hit Man shows. He came out and did a Michael Jackson song, and it was at that moment that I went, “Holy shit, this guy.” You never know, because there are a lot of artists that you could present them with a certain genre of music and they just fail miserably at it; they can only do what they do. But I would say that most, if not all, of the artists on this record have the ability, they have serious roots in serious music. And that made the job a lot easier. Tori Kelly, this girl is — she’s become my new favorite singer. She’s just insanely great. Everybody got to see it on the VMAs, but I was in the studios three months before that and I got to see it in person and she can sing.

    Disney, you still get a free pass. You can’t be too corny, [but] you get a free pass. You can do whatever you want, people love these songs so much. My goal also was to try and make it sound like it could have been made 30 years ago or 30 years from now. I didn’t want to be style-specific. I didn’t want to put a top 40 stamp on it or a ’50s stamp — I just wanted to try and honor the timelessness of the music itself.

    So did you have radio in mind at all? A lot of these songs sound like they could be radio hits…

    Absolutely zero. [Laughs] Absolutely zero thought for getting on the radio, because probably the last Disney hit was, I don’t know, Celine [Dion], “Beauty & The Beast”? Well Frozen [Idina Menzel‘s “Let It Go”]. Frozen wasn’t a top 40 hit though, was it?

    It was, actually. [“Let It Go” peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.] I was asking because the new version of “Let It Go” [on We Love Disney] especially seems like it could be on country radio right now.

    Yeah, I don’t disagree. I like the little mash-up with Lucy Hale and Rascal Flatts. It was exciting for all of us.

    Listen to Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale’s Country Take on ‘Let It Go’

    How did those two come together?

    Disney had recommended Lucy to us. I think Disney, who’ve been incredibly cooperative, the Disney machine is not something you mess with. They know how to do their shit better than anybody. It’s just a powerful, powerful weapon they have. It was their mash-up, their idea. They brought that to us, and we loved the idea.

    What do you think it is about Disney that has this long-lasting effect on music fans and pop-culture fans?

    If you want to be a purist about it, I guess you’d go back to Walt Disney, who I, as a kid, remember seeing on TV as an adult presenting his show on TV every week. It was so exciting for us as kids. Somehow they’ve managed to maintain that level of excellence through generation after generation, decade after decade. They haven’t really acquiesced to anything current; they just do what they do. They literally are timeless. Snow White hasn’t changed in 70 years, and generation after generation of kids still love to go to Disneyland and have their picture taken with Snow White. It’s just amazing. I feel it would be a little bit of a mistake for me as a producer to try and make those songs fit into this week’s radio chart. That would’ve been a big mistake, and I wouldn’t know how to do that anyway.

    You mentioned that this series has been all over the world — are you hoping this can become its own series in America?

    Well, you know, if this reaches the success that we hope it will, I would love to do a Vol. 2 and a Vol. 3. But I guess the public will speak on that one.

    Are there artists that you would want to work with on those next volumes?

    Well, I’d like to hear Sam Smith sing “Beauty & The Beast” or the other one, fromAladdin, “A Whole New World.” Yeah, there’ll be a wish list for the next round, and we’ll go after it.

    You worked with Ariana Grande on this project and on her Andrea Bocelli duet [“E Più Ti Penso” from Cinema]. What is it about her that makes you want to keep teaming up?

    I would say “Why is she working with me?” would be the question. [Laughs] And I think I know the reason why: There are certain artists that really know the history of music, and Ariana is a student of the history of music. She’s a real student of where music began and how it all came about. She knows songs from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. It makes sense that she would, at the very least, appreciate my journey with music. We bonded over my Whitney [Houston] songs. She’s an amazing singer. If you know me at all, you know that I love to work with great singers. I’m fortunate to do that a lot in my career. I have nothing against singers that are not belters and have great records. You could pick five singers to name that are not the classic Whitney or Celine, from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus toBritney [Spears] to J.Lo. I mean, these are singers that I love — they have a great tone, they have great song sense, great melodic sense, and they’re all great in their own way — but I’m drawn to the belters. And Ariana is a belter. So it was a dream come true for me to work with such a young person, so contemporary, having top 40 hits [and then] come into my world.

    Do you think we could see a Celine-type relationship between you and her?

    That would be up to her. I don’t know how you quite make those Celine songs popular in 2015, but if there’s a way, she probably would figure that out. What she did with Bocelli, we got her to sing in Italian, her Italian — she dove in. She’s really fearless. I think she’s just an amazing artist.

    Speaking of Andrea…

    Can I just back up one second on Ariana? I’ve just got to say: Certain managers, they like to think outside the box, and Scooter Braun [manager to Grande, Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly and others] is one of them. There are a lot of managers who are like, “No, my artist is not going to sing with Bocelli.” Scooter is like, “Hell yeah, bring it on. My artist can do that.” I got to hand it to him: He’s kind of fearless, and it works for the artist, really.

    What was it like reuniting with Andrea on Cinema?

    We’ve been working together for, gosh, almost 20 years now. He’s just my favorite. He just moves me in a way that no artist does. He’s such a renaissance man. People don’t know that he’s a multi-instrumentalist. He can play almost every instrument. I mean, really play every instrument. He’s a great piano player. He’s a great opera singer. He walks in both worlds: the pop world and the opera world. No one else really does that. So this is probably our fifth or sixth project together, but it’s always exciting and he always inspires me — always.

    We reported last year that you have a project coming with Stevie Wonder. What’s the status of that?

    It’s funny: He called me today, and he’s just so generous. He came and did my foundation event in Toronto about a month ago. And during the rehearsals, he said, “Man, we got to get back in the studio.” But Stevie has a lot of things going on, and it was a passion project with me, and I think the project will see the light of day in some incarnation at some point. He’s the boss. He’s Stevie Wonder, and there’s nobody like him on the planet. It all has to be in Stevie’s time. I think he had a lifelong plan when he was 12 that he’s still sticking to. Everything moves on his clock, and that’s just the way it is. It’s been a great experience to be in the studio with him, playing the piano while he sings. I mean, who gets a chance to do that?

    What are you working on next?

    I’m going into the studio with an artist named Carla Bruni [the Italian-French model and singer/songwriter is also the onetime first lady of France, as the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy]. She has an amazing voice. It’s going to be a real challenge for me. I want to go to her world; I don’t want her to come to my world at all. I want to go to her world. Just a smattering of my world. She’s going to sing in English for the first time, which is exciting. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a real challenge for me to not f— it up, because I think she could appeal to a worldwide audience times 10 of what she’s already appealed to. People who love her really love her. I’d like to put a zero on the end of that, but I’d like to do it on her terms. My mantra always is: When the album is done, if the artist isn’t 100 percent thrilled, then I’ve failed. So I want to make sure she’s 100 percent happy. She’s a purist, she’s a minimalist, and that’s not exactly my style. I know how to be one, it’s just not where I go naturally. I’m going to be on my toes. It’s going to be hard work for me, but I think I can do it. I’m really excited about it. The label’s really excited about it.

    We [also] have three new artists that are all coming out in the next six to 12 months. A group called Third Story from New York. A great artist named Charles Perry that just opened for Earth, Wind & Fire. And then a young lady named Brenna Whitaker, who’s an amazing, unique, super interesting artist who if I had to compare her to anybody, I would say like the female Michael Buble — but it’s not that, it’s different, but if you need a comparison, that would be it. We’re excited about our three new artists. Onwards and upwards.

  • Yahoo! Music: Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, David Foster & Others ‘Love Disney’ on New Compilation

    Posted : November 1, 2015

    As Verve Music Group Chairman/producer David Foster puts it, the music from Walt Disney’s films is timeless. With that in mind, Foster spearheaded the all-star compilation album, We Love Disney, by attempting to “make it sound as if it was recorded 30 years ago or 30 years from now.”

    The album, out October 30, was spurred by the success of a similar Disney-themed album that was such a hit in France that Universal Music Group Chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge sent out a mandate to make a global version. Foster, a 16-time Grammy winner whose resume includes work with artists ranging from Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand to Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart, was tapped to spearhead the project.

    Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, Ne-Yo, David Foster & Others 'Love Disney' on New Compilation

    Although there have been other all-star Disney tributes in the past – including 1988’s Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films, which featured Bonnie Raitt, Suzanne Vega, Sinead O’Connor and others; and 1991’s Simply Mad About the Mouse, with Billy Joel, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Bolton and others – Disney has released several blockbuster soundtracks since.

    We Love Disney showcases songs from those latter-day films, such as Frozen, Aladdin, Hercules, Pochahontas and The Lion Kingalongside classics from vintage movies such as Alice in Wonderland,Mary Poppins, The Aristocats, and Cinderella with a lineup of artists that includes Ne-Yo, Jessie J, Jason Derulo, Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy, Tori Kelly, Kacey Musgraves, Rascal Flatts, and others.

    The first artist to sign on for the project was Ariana Grande, who tackles “From Zero to Hero” from Hercules. Ne-Yo and Jason Derulo soon followed. “After that, we knew we were onto something,” Foster says. The album’s lineup features a mix of artists Foster has previously worked with, such as Ne-Yo, Derulo, and Jesse J; friends, such as Stefani; and new talents like Jhené Aiko and Charles Perry.

    There were also some surprises that came from the suggestions of affiliated labels, including Universal Nashville, who hipped Foster to Kasey Musgraves. The rising country singer originally wanted to do a song from Robin Hood, but Foster had other plans. “As soon as I found out that she was going to be involved, I got stuck on ‘A Spoonful of Sugar,’ the Mary Poppins song,” he says. “I thought this would just be great for her. We convinced her to change songs and she just killed it.”

    In matching the artists with the songs, Foster says he “tried to appeal to their Disney-ness.” In the case of Derulo, Foster suggested five or six tunes and the “Talk Dirty” singer picked “Can You Feel the Love Tonight/ Nants’ Ingonyama” from The Lion King. “That song had special meaning to him when he was a kid,” Foster says. On the flip side, Foster says Stefani picked “The Rainbow Connection” from 1979’s The Muppet Movie because it was a song she sang to her children.

    “Everybody, whether you’re 3-years-old or 103, has a Disney story and it’s always positive, other than a parent, who has maybe heard ‘Let It Go,’ too many times,” Forster quips. “Other than that, it’s all positive.”

    Of course, that omnipresent song from Frozen is on We Love Disneyand Foster acknowledges recording a new version came with its own unique challenges. Foster recruited Jay DeMarcus of hit country act Rascal Flatts who Disney suggested pairing with Pretty Little Liarsstar Lucy Hale. “So we were dealing with a duet, so we could divide up the lines a little differently,” Foster explains. “And we put a country spin on it, courtesy of Jay.”

     Foster also notes another thing about the tune. “The interesting thing about that song is that we all know that hook, ‘Let it go, let it go…’ But most people can’t sing the rest of the song, so I drilled down on the rest of the song and tried to make the rest of the song as interesting as the chorus and I think Jay and I succeeded. I think it sounds super country fresh. It’s good for the holidays, but it’s good all year ‘round, too. There’s not a kid on the planet that doesn’t know it, so we just might reach a whole new audience with this version.”

    In the case of “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin, Foster says he did the song with Ne-Yo in mind, but he completed the arrangement and instrumental track before he approached the artist. “I wanted it to be big band swing and I know that Ne-Yo is one of the few contemporary artists that can really walk in that world, that Sinatra- Bublé world, although that’s not the way he makes records,” he says. “I knew from working with him before that he had that snap in him, so I made that track with him in mind, hoping he would go for it. When he heard it, he jumped on it.” Ne-Yo’s producer Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee provided an assist to make sure the track was “Ne-Yo ready,” Foster adds.


    For other tracks, Foster took a different approach. British singer Jessie Ware was recruited to sing “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella after another singer opted for another track. “I had that song in the vault for awhile, and when I thought about Jessie Ware, I went, yes, this is perfect,” he says. “She brings another level of credibility to this project. She can pull it off. When she heard it, she went, ‘Wow, this will be very challenging, but I’m up for trying it.’” Due to scheduling conflicts, the vocal was recorded via the Internet, with Ware singing from London and Foster in Los Angeles.

    In the case of Fall Out Boy, Foster allowed the band to do their own thing. “We talked, but in the end, they didn’t need my help,” Foster says. “They thought The Jungle Book was kind of, as [singer] Patrick [Stump] says, ‘Punk rock.’ They did a great job turning that song into their template. And, again, I don’t think it necessarily sounds like it was recorded today. It could have been recorded 10 years ago for 10 years from now. The word timeless and Disney go hand and hand and I wasn’t going to be the one to break that rule.”

  • The new album ‘We Love Disney’ is here. Get your copy today.

    Posted : November 1, 2015


    The We Love Disney album features the hottest artists from across the pop, rock, R&B, and country worlds delivering their own unique interpretations of classic Disney songs.

    We Love Disney was produced by multi-platinum, 16-time Grammy® Award-winning producer and Verve Music Group Chairman David Foster. The album is available in several configurations, including as a digital album, a standard CD, a Deluxe CD, on Deluxe Vinyl, and as a picture-disc set. The Deluxe versions feature two bonus tracks from Verve Records’ artists Brenna Whitaker (“It’s Not Easy Being Green”) and Yuna (“A Whole New World”).

    We Love Disney is available as a Collector’s Edition Box Set, which includes the digital deluxe album, limited-edition double vinyl, standard-edition double vinyl, limited-edition CD, standard-edition CD, four numbered lithographs, a DVD of “The Magic Behind We Love Disney,” a limited-edition T-shirt featuring a one-time only design, an exclusive tote bag, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Order now:

    Disney Store | iTunes | Amazon | Spotify

    The tracklisting for We Love Disney is as follows:

    NE-YO “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin)

    Jessie J “Part of Your World ” (The Little Mermaid)

    Jason Derulo “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama” (The Lion King)

    Gwen Stefani “The Rainbow Connection” (The Muppet Movie)

    Ariana Grande “Zero To Hero” (Hercules)

    Jhené Aiko “In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice” (Alice in Wonderland)

    Fall Out Boy “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” (The Jungle Book)

    Tori Kelly “Colors of the Wind” (Pocahontas)

    Kacey Musgraves “A Spoonful of Sugar” (Mary Poppins)

    Charles Perry “Ev’rybody Wants To Be a Cat” (The Aristocats)

    Jessie Ware “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (Cinderella)

    Lucy Hale & Rascal Flatts “Let It Go” (Frozen)

    Various Artists “It’s a Small World”

    Bonus tracks on Deluxe CD, Vinyl, and Picture Disc:

    Brenna Whitaker “Itis Not Easy Being Green” (The Muppet Show)

    Yuna “A Whole New World” (Aladdin)

  • Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy Go Disney: Inside 2015’s Most Fun Tribute LP – Produced By David Foster

    Posted : October 22, 2015

    Ne-Yo, Kacey Musgraves, Gwen Stefani also interpret classic songs on ‘We Love Disney’ comp

    ariana grande
    Ariana Grande is one of many big-name pop artists featured on the new ‘We Love Disney’ compilation. Nick Spanos

    When France debuted a Disney compilation in 2013, filled with some of the country’s biggest singers reimagining a rich history of family-friendly songs, it became an immediate international success that charted across Europe. A year later, Australia followed suit, helping turn We Love Disney into a franchise, with artists like Kimbra and Dannii Minogue breathing fresh life into everyone’s childhood favorites.
    After the French version went multi-platinum, Universal Records enlisted famed producer David Foster (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston) to organize a U.S. compilation. “It was one of those kind of things where you go, ‘Shit, I don’t know if I can actually ever pull that off [and] get all the great, hot, young artists,” he says. Soon, however, he saw that artists’ relationships with Disney from childhood — even carrying over into parenthood in some cases — pushed them toward an enthusiastic “yes.”

    “I was having lunch with Gwen Stefani, and I just popped out [asking], ‘What’s your favorite Disney song?’ and she said, ‘That’s a strange question,'” Foster recalls. “But then she thought about it, and she gave me one. I realized that everybody — young, old, hip, not hip, whoever — they all have some attachment to Disney, and it’s always positive. In Gwen’s case, she said, ‘We used to sneak into [Disneyland] and watch bands. Then it was really cool to play there one day.’ It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was, in the end.”

    The final product, to be released via Verve Music Group on October 30th, is a diverse collection culling contributions from both new and established artists across genres. From Jessie J belting out The Little Mermaid‘s “Part of Your World” to Fall Out Boy turning The Jungle Book‘s “I Wan’na Be Like You” into pop-punk gold, the collection showcases the timelessness of the Disney institution.

    “I think there is a fearlessness to Disney in moving forward but maintaining the heart of what has made them great,” Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz tells Rolling Stone. His band’s Jungle Book track is available today following previews of tracks by Ne-Yo and Charles Perry. Beyond The Jungle Book‘s main character, Mowgli, providing baby-name inspiration for Wentz’s first child, the choice to record “I Wan’na Be Like You” came about organically. “I think we wanted to come up with a song that not only we all loved but would translate and make sense as a Fall Out Boy song,” Wentz offers. “I think we interpreted it more as a rock song, which was more of a challenge than expected, but I think how it turned out is pretty interesting.”

    David Foster offered his input for many of the covers, often choosing the song he felt fit the artist’s style and vocal abilities, though he was trumped a few times by a singer’s own childhood connection to a different track. “With Ariana Grande, I had picked another song for her, and she wasn’t feeling it,” he recalls. “So then she came up with the Hercules song [“Zero to Hero”]. She knew it top to bottom. Without the lyrics, she could sing every single word. The decision was made on the spot. I wouldn’t want to fight that, go against the grain of her knowing the song so well and loving it so much.”

    “Working with David is such an honor,” Grande adds. “I grew up worshiping his work so much. As someone who loves Disney musicals as much as I do. I’m so glad I got to cover literally my favorite Disney song of all time with a kick-ass choir and one of my favorite musicians of all time, Foster. It’s all too much for my little heart to handle!”

    Jessie J had a similar experience, knowing “Part of Your World” from top to bottom. “She just sat down and just sang it, without even looking at the lyrics because it’s part of the fabric of their DNA,” Foster says. “Somewhere in every artist’s DNA is a Disney song. You could pick any artist you want, from Dylan all the way up to Ed Sheeran. They all have a Disney story and a Disney moment.”


    “I was completely enamored by The Little Mermaid,” Kacey Musgraves says of her own Disney story. “I remember that my mom made this big, giant mermaid tail out of paper, and I was five, I think, and I would always wear the mermaid tail while watching The Little Mermaid, like a ritualI would sing along to, like, every part.”

    “I would always wear the mermaid tail while watching The Little Mermaid, like a ritualI would sing along to, like, every part.” —Kacey Musgraves

    Musgraves turned Mary Poppins‘ “A Spoonful of Sugar” into an old-school Western tune, quite similar to her single “Biscuits,” with not only the help of her frequent collaborators Luke Laird and Shane McAnally but also legendary Nashville-based Western-swing group the Time Jumpers, who offered fiddles and an accordion to the track.

    “That’s a case where she wanted to do the song from Robin Hood, and I begged her to do ‘Spoonful of Sugar,'” Foster says of his contribution. “I just said ‘Please, please, I know this is the right song for you.’ People don’t know the Robin Hood song. She did [‘Spoonful’], and she killed it.”

    With R&B Ne-Yo, Foster had a track in mind before the R&B hitmaker even stepped into the studio. “I knew I wanted Ne-Yo to sing ‘Friend Like Me’ because he has this kind of Michael Bublé thing that he can do, even though that’s not the kind of records he makes. But he has that top-hat dance thing. I wanted to make a really big-band version and did the track even before I talked to him, hoping that he would agree.”

    “I honestly didn’t know what song would’ve made sense for my voice, but when David told me what song he had in mind, I had to re-familiarize myself with it again,” Ne-Yo adds. “If you listen to the Robin Williams version, it’s very playful, and you know, caricaturized. He’s barely singing; he’s more talking and toying with the character. I was a little skeptical about how it was going to work, but when David broke it down, he said, ‘It’s basically just a big-band song with the horns and the whole nine.’ I thought, ‘OK, well, that’s right up my alley with the Rat Pack and whatnot.’ So we got into the studio and, honestly, it was pretty easy.”

    Aladdin had been one of Ne-Yo’s favorites growing up. “It was one of the first ones where, not to make it a race thing or anything like that, but the characters were slightly darker. Before The Princess and the Frog, it was the closest thing to black people that I had seen from Disney. I was excited about it.”

    Many of the parents involved in with the compilation had new Disney memories to base their song choices off of. According to Foster, Gwen Stefani chose to sing The Muppet Movie‘s “Rainbow Connection” because she sang it to her children every night when they were little. “She said, ‘I love this song more than anything in the world,'” he says. “There’s so much passion in the way every singer did it, and they did it from the heart.”

    Even Foster found a connection to the project through the memories he gained as a parent to Disney-loving children. “When I started taking my kids, when they were young, to Disney [parks], we would stand in line for hours and hours, but you didn’t mind because you knew your kids were having such a great time.”

    Some of his children continue to enjoy the Disney experience as adults. “I think my daughters just went recently, a whole pack of them, and they’re in their twenties and thirties. They went without kids and had fun. My stepdaughters Gigi and Bella [Hadid] and their boyfriends went just to go too.”

    That’s the magic of Disney: These songs connect on all levels, creating classic tunes appropriate for children, who carry those memories for the rest of their lives — especially if they go on to have children of their own. “Every Disney song propels the story forward,” Foster muses. “When you hear the lyrics to The Little Mermaid, you know exactly what she’s thinking and how frustrated she is that she doesn’t have feet. It’s just part of the story. If you pick any song that’s a hit right now, it’s a story but it doesn’t belong to anything, right? Every one of these songs belong to a bigger story.”

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/ariana-grande-fall-out-boy-go-disney-inside-2015s-most-fun-tribute-lp-20151021#ixzz3pEBF3zgt


  • We Love Disney Produced by David Foster is Coming October 2015!

    Posted : July 7, 2015




    In a unique collaboration between Verve Records and Walt Disney Records, the two esteemed labels have teamed up to present the compilation album We Love Disney, which will be released in October 2015. The compilation features the hottest artists from across the pop, rock, R&B, and country worlds delivering their own unique interpretations of classic Disney songs. The album was produced by multi-platinum, Grammy® Award-winning producer and Verve Music Group Chairman David Foster.

    “When the opportunity arose to partner with Walt Disney Records, I jumped on it,” says Foster. “The Disney franchise is something that brings out the kid in all of us. No matter how old you are, 3 or 103, when you hear the word ‘Disney’ you light up from within. And there isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t have a favorite Disney song. We tapped into that passion with all of the artists on the album. I tried to make the songs timeless so you couldn’t tell whether they were recorded 30 years ago or 30 years from now. The Disney catalog is so amazing. You have so many songs to pick from, going back almost 80 years now. So it’s an endless treasure and one of the most rewarding projects that I’ve ever done — and I’ve done a lot of stuff.”

    The artists and songs that will be featured on We Love Disney will be announced in the coming weeks.

    WLD Box Set

    Pre-order the We Love Disney Limited Edition box set which includes:

    • Limited Edition Double Vinyl
    • Standard Edition Double Vinyl
    • Limited Edition CD
    • Standard Edition CD
    • Limited Edition Double Picture Disc
    • We Love Disney Limited Edition Numbered Lithographs (4)
    • “The Magic Behind We Love Disney” (DVD)
    • We Love Disney Digital Deluxe Album
    • We Love Disney Limited Edition One Time Only Design T-Shirt (Size Large)
    • We Love Disney exclusive Tote Bag
    • Certificate of Authenticity

    For more information and to secure this special offer please visit: http://smarturl.it/WLDMusic

  • David Foster joins the celebrity panel judge of Asia’s Got Talent!

    Posted : January 15, 2015

    Asia's Got Talent Judges_2015

    David Foster joins the celebrity panel judge of “Asia’s Got Talent.” Billed as the biggest talent competition in the world, Foster will sit alongside former Spice Girl Melanie C, Indonesian rock icon Anggun, and Taiwanese-American pop idol, Van Ness Wu when “Asia’s Got Talent” premieres in March on AXN. The show will feature some of the region’s most incredible performing artists as they compete to take home the coveted winning title.


    “It’s an exciting privilege to join this wildly successful franchise which has discovered incredible artists all over the world,” said Foster. “Throughout my career—I’ve been lucky to discover some amazing young talent. I’m looking forward to taking a seat next to my fellow celebrity judges as we shine a spotlight on Asia’s rising young stars.”


    David Foster is currently the chairman of Universal’s Verve Music Group and has been a musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, and recording artist for more than four decades. For his illustrious work, Foster has won 16 GRAMMY® Awards, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, and racked up three Oscar nominations for “Best Original Song.” He has also earned a reputation as a keen spotter of new talent, playing a key role in the discovery and career launches of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé, the latter two he signed to his Warner Music imprint 143 Records. In addition, superstars like Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, and Stevie Wonder have trusted him with their voices and to help them realize their musical dreams.


    Foster has created hit songs and award-winning gold and platinum albums for a diverse array of artists including Earth, Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Seal, Chaka Khan, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Brandy, ’N Sync, Boz Scaggs, and Gloria Estefan. In June 2010, he was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame.


    From thousands of applicants, the four judges must select Asia’s most jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, and breathtaking performances.  Those who move on to the semi- finals will face an even more intimidating judge, the AXN audience at home who will ultimately determine who wins the first season of “Asia’s Got Talent.” Adding to the excitement, the semi-finals and finale will be held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, with the winner awarded a contract to return and perform live at Asia’s leading entertainment.


    “Asia’s Got Talent” is the 63rd version of “Got Talent”, which won the Guinness World Records title for being the world’s “Most Successful Reality TV Format” in 2014. The hit format is co-owned by FremantleMedia and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment.

  • Happy Holidays from David Foster

    Posted : December 24, 2014

    Hey everyone,

    I hope the season is treating you well and that you’ve had a chance to hear my latest holiday CD “Merry And Bright”, available now at Starbucks! This year I had the opportunity to introduce you to one of my favorite new bands, Dirty Loops, and we also released great new music from Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Barry Manilow and Smokey Robinson (to name a few). I look forward to more great music in 2015 starting with Diana Krall’s “Wallflower” due out on February 3rd, a debut release from Charles Perry, music from a sultry new artist that I’m working with, Brenna Whitaker, and an exciting Disney project featuring all of your favorite artists! Thank you for all of your support this year and stay tuned for some exciting news which I plan to share very soon…

    Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year…

    – David Foster

  • David Foster’s New Holiday CD “Merry & Bright” Is Now Available Exclusively at Starbucks!

    Posted : November 12, 2014

    Merry and Bright

    This holiday enjoy the music of David Foster featuring songs by all of your favorite singers on “Merry & Bright” which is available now exclusively at Starbucks.

    The track listing includes:

    1. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Michael Bublé
    2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire) – Céline Dion
    3. Carol of the Bells – David Foster
    4. Little Drummer Boy (Featuring Guitarist Andy McKee) – Josh Groban
    5. This Christmas – Mary J. Blige
    6. O Tannenbaum – Andrea Bocelli
    7. Blue Christmas – Wynonna
    8. Auld Lang Syne – Rod Stewart
    9. Pie Jesu – Jackie Evancho
    10. Jingle Bells – Andrea Bocelli featuring The Muppets
  • You Will Live Forever In Our Hearts Michael Johns

    Posted : August 3, 2014

    David and Michael 2

    My wife Yolanda and I are shocked and saddened by Michael’s untimely passing.  His love of life and music were completely intertwined.  Seven years ago, millions of viewers were captivated each week by his soulful performances on American Idol.  Soon after, we became great personal friends and it was a distinct honor to share the stage with him on many musical occasions.

    The passion and commitment he brought to every show never failed to move everyone in the audience. Another thing that impressed me was his vast knowledge of the music and legendary singers who came before him. He had a true reverence for their artistry and a passion to carry on in their traditions.

    With Michael’s expressive voice and a million watt smile that could light up any room, it’s very difficult to imagine that voice is now silenced. Yolanda and I wish to convey our heartfelt prayers and deepest condolences to his closest friends and family.  -David Foster


  • A Personal Message from David Foster…

    Posted : March 6, 2014

    Hey everyone – I thought now would be a good time to check in and let you know what I’m up to. It’s the end of February and I’m working hard on Diana Krall’s new album [gonna be a little different but incredible!]. I’m almost finished with new music from Bryan Adams, still hanging with Stevie Wonder and hoping to get that album finished this year. Now I’m starting to make tentative plans with Lionel Richie and JLO…exciting!

    On the Verve side, we have some incredible releases coming up including but not limited to, the 3 incredible swedes called Dirty Loops, the great Sarah McLachlan, and my homie Ruben Studdard bringing you to your knees with his love songs. We have more young talent like newcomers Brenna Whitaker and Charles Perry, so stay tuned! This is Verve’s year to bust out!

    I am first and foremost a music lover just like all of you. Let’s keep the music we love alive. Music is what gets me up every morning and I’m sure most of you share that same passion.

    To all the RHOBH fans I think my wife, Yolanda, continues to keep it classy and elevates the show while sharing her personal battle with Lyme Disease.

    Our big blended family is doing well, with our children finding their own way on this planet.

    Wishing you Health, Happiness and Great Music,



    Posted : November 6, 2013


    Mary J. Blige will be the next artist featured in concert on HSN, celebrating the release of her first holiday album, “A Mary Christmas.” The broadcast will take place Nov. 17 at 6 p.m. ET at HSN’s St. Petersburg, Florida studio.

    Joining Blige as a special guest will be fellow Grammy Award winner and Verve Music Group chairman David Foster, who produced “A Mary Christmas.” That evening he’ll double as music director for the live orchestra and choir that will accompany Blige.

    Complementing the hour-long broadcast will be narrative from Blige about the meaning of Christmas and the making of the album, which marks the first collaboration between her and Foster. Featuring such holiday gems as “The Christmas Song,” “The First Noel” and “This Christmas,” the set also finds Blige pairing with Barbra Streisand (“When You Wish Upon a Star”) and Jessie J (“Do You Hear What I Hear”), among others. “A Mary Christmas” was released Oct. 15 through Matriarch/Verve.

    The new album “A Mary Christmas” is available now. Click here to order your copy today!  


    Posted : September 17, 2013

    maryjblige_Christmas_FB_v1c.jpgA MARY CHRISTMAS IN STORES OCTOBER 15, 2013

    Iconic Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist Mary J. Blige has teamed up with the best musical talents in the business. Blige, for Matriarch Records/Verve Records/Interscope Records has completed her first-ever holiday album titled, A Mary Christmas making it the first album collaboration between Blige and legendary producer and Chairman of The Verve Music Group, David Foster.


    “Working with David Foster is a singers dream. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to make this soulful classic Christmas album with him. David’s music has touched so many lives and I’m so proud of what we’ve created and I believe my fans will love it as much as I do.” says Mary J. Blige.


    A Mary Christmas features Blige’s soulful interpretation of classic holiday tunes including “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” and “The Christmas Song.” Blige is joined by a number of A-list guests, starting with Barbra Streisand, who duets with Blige on “When You Wish Upon A Star,” along with Jessie J on “Do You Hear What I Hear” The Clark Sisters join Blige on “The First Noel” and “Noche de Paz,” is a Spanish collaboration with Mark Anthony.


    Other highlights on the album include “Little Drummer Boy,” “My Favorite Things,” “This Christmas,” “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” and Tino Rossi’s “Petit Papa Noël.” 


    David Foster comments “There’s so many things that I find inspiring about Mary, but I guess it always comes back to the fact that she has no limits and no boundaries. She doesn’t think of herself as black or white, or yellow or red, or male or female. She just thinks of herself as a singer and she’s a great singer.”


    A Mary Christmas is set to arrive in stores on October 15, 2013.

    Track Listing

    1.      Little Drummer Boy

    2.      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

    3.      My Favorite Things

    4.      This Christmas

    5.      The Christmas Song

    6.      Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer

    7.      When You Wish Upon A Star – Duet with Barbra Streisand

    8.      Winter Wonderland

    9.      Do You Hear What I Hear – Duet with Jessie J. 

    10.  Petit Papa Noël

    11.  The First Noel – Duet with The Clark Sisters

    12.  Noche de Paz  – Duet with Mark Anthony

    Pre-order today:
    iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AMaryXmasiTunes
    Amazon: http://smarturl.it/AMaryXmasAmzn 

  • Mary J. Blige announces new Christmas album produced by David Foster!

    Posted : July 26, 2013

    Iconic Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, actress and philanthropist Mary J. Blige will release her first-ever holiday album in October of 2013. The album is titled “A Mary Christmas,” and features her soulful interpretation of classic holiday tunes.


    “A Mary Christmas” is the first collaboration between legendary producer and hit-maker David Foster and Blige for Matriarch Records/Verve Records/Interscope Records. Sixteen-time Grammy winner and Chairman of The Verve Music Group, Foster is the producer of multi-platinum Christmas albums by Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Celine Dion.


    Click here to pre-order the new album ‘A Mary Christmas’ at Amazon!


  • David Foster collaborates with Violin Master David Garrett on Chopin – Nocturne!

    Posted : July 25, 2013

    “Music” seems like a fairly broad description of David Garrett’s new album, but the violin master encompasses such a wide variety of, um, music on the LP that the title turns out to be a perfect fit. Garrett spans centuries and genres, from Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” to Chopin’s “Nocturne.” The latter, featuring pianist Dave Foster, premieres today on Speakeasy.

    Securing Foster’s contribution was a straightforward affair: he’s the chairman of Garrett’s record label, Verve, which will release “Music” on July 30.

    “Since we both make our living by composing and arranging, I felt that working together on a classical piece would bring out our combined creativity,” Garrett told Speakeasy.

    “As this piece was originally written for piano, I felt the need for the piano to still play a major part of this arrangement. David was generous enough to record the piano part. So this became more than a collaboration — it became a duet.”

    What do you think of their version of “Nocturne?”


    Posted : May 28, 2013

     WHO:  David Foster

    Emcee: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO Leron Gubler

    Guest speakers: Natalie Cole and Dr. Phil McGraw

    WHAT:  2,499th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  in the Category of Recording

    WHERE: 1750 N. Vine St. in front of the  iconic Capitol Records Building

    WHEN:  Friday, May 31, 2013 at 11:30 a.m.

    Event will be live-streamed on www.walkoffame.com


    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that David Foster will be honored with the 2,499th star on the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, May 31, 2013. “David Foster is a master at writing music and he has written songs for some of the most famous entertainers in the world!” stated Leron Gubler, President and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. “We welcome this great artist to our Walk of Fame family.”

    Gubler and guest speakers will help Foster unveil his Star in the Category of Recording at 1750 N. Vine in front of the iconic Capitol Records Building. The event will be live-streamed on www.walkoffame.com

    Before he became one of the most successful record producers in history — creating albums that have collectively sold in the hundreds of millions — David Foster received a valuable piece of advice from legendary music impresario Quincy Jones. “He said to me, ‘If something isn’t exactly the way you think it should be, don’t put your name on it,’” Foster recalls. “His words of advice had a great impact on me, and since then I’ve always fought for my artistic vision. I don’t always win, but I know when an artist hires me, it’s my job to push them toward greatness, and to get something out of them they didn’t know was there.  My personal motto has become, ‘compromise breeds mediocrity.’”

    This philosophy has shaped the way Foster has approached everything in his more than four decades as a musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and recording artist. It is the reason why superstars like Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder have trusted him with their voices and to help them realize their musical dreams.

    Indeed, few other songwriters and producers have had their fingerprints on more major moments in all of popular music. Foster has created hit songs and award-winning gold and platinum albums for a diverse array of artists including Earth, Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Seal, Chaka Khan, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Brandy, ’N Sync, Boz Scaggs and Gloria Estefan; propelled singers who have straddled both pop and classical styles like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban into the mainstream; created culture-defining soundtracks for blockbuster films like The Bodyguard, Urban Cowboy and St. Elmo’s Fire; and crafted timeless holiday classics, including perennial best-sellers like Josh Groban’s Noel, Michael Bublé’s Christmas, Celine Dion’s These Are Special Times, Rod Stewart’s Merry Christmas Baby and Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas.

    For his illustrious work, Foster has won 16 Grammy Awards, including three for Producer of the Year, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe, and racked up three Oscar nominations for “Best Original Song.” In June 2010, he was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame. He has also earned a reputation as a keen spotter of new talent, playing a key role in the discovery and career launches of Celine Dion, Josh Groban, and Michael Bublé, the later two he signed to his Warner Music imprint 143 Records. Bublé has called Foster “one of the most brilliant musical minds of our time.” Celine Dion says, “David hears things no other person hears,” while Josh Groban credits him with “single-handedly changing my life.” Says Foster, “I operate under the guiding principle that if I love something, millions of others will love it, too.”

    In 2008 and 2011, Foster stepped out as performer in his own right as the host of “Foster & Friends” — two star-studded concert events in Las Vegas that celebrate the music from Foster’s unparalleled catalog. The shows were filmed for Great Performance on PBS and Foster’s Hit Man and The Hit Man Returns became PBS’ highest-rated pledge drive shows of the decade. He is also a household name as a performer throughout Asia where he tours annually.

    In 2012 Foster entered a new phase in his career, becoming the chairman of Universal’s Verve Music Group. His mission, he says, is to turn the fabled jazz label (founded in 1956 and home to Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz luminaires) into the premier label for singing legends and legends in the making. The label’s roster includes Andrea Bocelli, Diana Krall and Natalie Cole. Foster recently signed Grammy-winning artist Sarah McLachlan and R&B-soul great Smokey Robinson. Foster also has his eye on the next generation of talent, having signed Malaysian singer Yuna and Swedish YouTube sensations Dirty Loops, a virtuoso trio who blend jazz, rock, pop, and dance music into a unique hybrid all their own. “As a musician, artist, writer and producer, I’ve been on both sides of the glass in the studio,” Foster says. “I feel like I’ve been prepping for this new job for 40 years.”

    Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Foster began studying piano at age four. As the story goes, his mother was dusting the family piano, hit one of the keys, and was shocked when David correctly called out, “That’s an E!”, thus discovering he had perfect pitch. The son of a maintenance yard superintendent and a homemaker, Foster has chronicled his life in the highly regarded, best-selling autobiography Hit Man. The book is filled with page-turning, eye-opening anecdotes — from Foster joining Chuck Berry’s band at age 16 to sitting in Paul McCartney’s kitchen talking to him about the day The Beatles broke up.

    Foster has made charitable work his life’s other priority. Meeting with a young girl from his hometown who was awaiting a liver transplant had a profound impact and led him to create The David Foster Foundation in 1985. Its mission is to provide financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants. In the past two decades, Foster has volunteered his time and talent to more than 400 charities, including the annual Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night, The Andre Agassi Foundation and Carousel of Hope. Tapping into his vast Rolodex of friends and superstar artists, these events have raised millions of dollars for worthy causes. “My love of music has brought me many rewards, and I feel the need to give back to others less fortunate as often as possible,” Foster says.

    Foster’s star  will be located on Vine Street in front of the iconic Capitol Records building, adjacent to the stars of his musical heroes — John, Paul, George and Ringo — a thrill for the self-described “biggest Beatles fan on the planet.” The location is doubly meaningful as Capitol was the label that signed Foster’s band Skylark in 1971. Their hit “Wildflower” became a Top 10 hit and launched Foster on his unending road to success.

    Reflecting upon receiving a star on the Walk of Fame, Foster says, “One hundred years from now, my great-grandchildren will go, ‘Hey, there’s my great-grandpa,’ and having a star next to The Beatles … outside the building where I first got signed … that’s perfect.”


    For more information and to view who shares a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visit www.walkoffame.com


    ALL PRESS MUST RSVP TO ANA MARTINEZ AT (323) 468-1376 OR Stargirl@hollywoodchamber.net


    The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. With approximately 24 star ceremonies annually broadcast around the world, the constant reinforcement provided to the public has made the Walk of Fame a top visitor attraction. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce continues to add stars to the Walk of Fame as the representative of the City of Los Angeles. The Walk of Fame is a tribute to all of those who worked diligently to develop the concept and to maintain this world-class tourist attraction. The Walk of Fame is open to the public. No paid admission or assigned seating at star ceremonies.It is understood that the cost of installing a star on the Walk of Fame upon approval is $30,000 and the sponsor of the nominee accepts the responsibility for arranging for payment to the Hollywood Historic Trust, a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. The funds are used to pay for the creation/installation of the star and ceremony, as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame.


    The Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign are registered trademarks of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


    Posted : March 1, 2013

    Andrea Bocelli, the international superstar tenor returns to Great Performances once again to delight fans with Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino, a new concert special in which he puts classical music aside for an evening of international favorites inspired by the breathtaking coastal setting of Portofino, Italy.
    The Italian fishing village and upmarket resort is noted for its picturesque harbor and frequent celebrity visitors, as demonstrated by a kaleidoscopic photo montage featuring screen legends Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, and current personalities ranging from Denzel Washington to Ellen DeGeneres.
    With 16-time Grammy-winner David Foster as both music director and keyboard accompanist, Bocelli is also joined by trumpeter Chris Botti. Under the stars, beside the shimmering harbor waters, and with a rapt audience including Paul Anka, Sir Michael Caine, and Italian actress Ornella Muti, Bocelli performs some of the world’s most famous love songs, including “Senza Fine,” “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás,” “Bésame Mucho,” “Champagne,” “Love Me Tender,” and in duet with the late, legendary Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rose,” while his real-life love Veronica Berti looks on adoringly. Bocelli sings in six languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan). The sensual sound is rounded out by Cuban, Brazilian, and Portuguese rhythms.

    Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino
     airs on Great Performances in March on PBS.(Check local listings.) (In New York, THIRTEEN will premiere the special Sunday, March 3 at 9 p.m.)

    Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino
     is, in essence, a sequel to his earlier Great Performancesspecial, Amore. As with that concert, which featured timeless masterworks, the latest includes several beloved classics such as “Love Me Tender,” “Il Nostro Incontro” (the theme from Cinema Paradiso), “Sara Settembre,” (better known to English-speaking audiences as Neil Diamond’s “September Morn,” and translated into Italian by Bocelli himself), and “La mia via” (“My Way”), with the composer sitting harborside.
    Since Great Performances introduced American television audiences to Bocelli with 1997′sRomanza concert, Bocelli has been featured in a notable series of Great Performancesspecials, including Sacred AriasAmoreVivereMy Christmas and American Dream, his spectacular “Statue of Liberty” concert from New Jersey’s Liberty State Park.Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park aired in December 2011. He wasaccompanied by the New York Philharmonic, under the direction of music director Alan Gilbert, the spectacular event being Bocelli’s special gift to New York City.

    Great Performances
     is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers. For 50 years, THIRTEEN has been making the most of the rich resources and passionate people of New York and the world, reaching millions of people with on-air and online programming that celebrates arts and culture, offers insightful commentary on the news of the day, explores the worlds of science and nature, and invites students of all ages to have fun while learning.
    The musical program at press time is set to include:

    Il Nostro Incontro (theme from “Cinema Paradiso”) (with Chris Botti)

    Senza Fine

    Anema e Core (with Caroline Campbell)

    Quizás, Quizás, Quizás  (with Caroline Campbell)

    A Mano A Mano



    Corcovado (with Brazilian singer Sandy)


    La Vie En Rose (with excerpts performed by Edith Piaf)

    Qualche stupido “ti amo” (Somethin’ Stupid) (with Veronica Berti)

    Bésame Mucho

    Love Me Tender

    Sarà Settembre (September Morn)

    When I Fall in Love (with Helene Fischer & Chris Botti)

    Roma Nun Fà La Stupida Stasera (“Rome, Don’t Act Silly Tonight”)

    Era Già Tutto Provisto

    Love in Portofino (with Caroline Campbell)

    My Way


    The Ensemble Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Giacomo Loprieno.
    On January 29, Verve Music Group will release the studio album, “Passione,” featuring the Mediterranean love songs featured on the special.

    Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino
     is directed by David Horn.
    For Great Performances, Mitch Owgang and Andrea Cotromano are producers; Bill Kabel is associate producer; Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn and Filippo Sugar are executive producers.

  • David Foster performing LIVE with Andrea Bocelli on TV and beyond next week – starting Sunday!

    Posted : January 25, 2013

    Tune in as David will be performing LIVE with Andrea Bocelli in celebration of their new album ‘PASSIONE’ starting this Sunday. New album available everywhere Tuesday, January 29th!

    Sunday, January 27, 2013

    PERFORMING LIVE ON: QVC Q Sessions Live at 5pm EST

    QVC® is honored to bring you Andrea Bocelli Q Sessions Live. Tune in and experience Bocelli’s superb voice accompanied by 16-time Grammy award-winning producer David Foster, who produced his latest CD, Passione – PLUS special guest Natalie Cole. Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order this new CD, featuring a selection of romantic love songs, before its release date on January 29. QVC® will also offer a special bonus CD featuring live versions of 6 tracks.

    Monday, January 28, 2013 

    (Click Here To Watch)
    iHeartRadio will host a private show featuring a live performance by Andrea Bocelli, David Foster PLUS special guest Natalie Cole!

    The intimate show will be part of iHeartRadio Live, a Clear Channel entertainment
    production that features performances by today’s top recording artists.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 


    Andrea and David perform new songs from “Passione” live on GMA


    Wednesday, January 30, 2013  


    Andrea and David perform new songs from “Passione” live on The View

  • The Heart & Soul of ‘PASSIONE’ …The new album by Andrea Bocelli available January 29th!

    Posted : January 11, 2013

    “Passione” is a Stunning Collection of Mediterranean Love Songs Featuring Duets with Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado and the late Edith Piaf; Album Reunites Bocelli with

    Multiple Grammy-winning Producer David Foster 

    International superstar Andrea Bocelli will release his new studio album, “Passione” on January 29 on Sugar / Universal Music Group. Filled with romance and beauty, “Passione” is a lush collection of Mediterranean love songs featuring duets with global pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, and the late Edith Piaf. The album reunites Bocelli with 16-time Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster, who produced Bocelli’s 2006 release “Amore,” which sold more than 4.2 million copies. 

    “Passione” is in essence the second volume of “Amore,” with a “fil rouge” which ideally connects the albums. As with “Amore,” which featured timeless masterworks, “Passione” includes several beloved classics such as “Love Me Tender,” “Girl From Ipanema,” and “Sarà Settembre,” (better known to English-speaking audiences as Neil Diamond’s “September Morn”).  Jennifer Lopez is featured on the soft and sensual track “Quizás Quizás Quizás”  and Nelly Furtado joins Bocelli on “Corcovado.”  The album also features a duet with the late French chanteuse Edith Piaf on the song “La Vie En Rose.”

    On the album, Bocelli sings in six languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan) with his unmistakable voice, as Foster accompanies him on piano, along with Peruvian guitarist Ramon Stagnaro. The sensual sound is rounded out by Cuban, Brazilian, and Portuguese rhythms and a 63-piece orchestra recorded in London.

    “Andrea continues to be my favorite singer of all time,” Foster declares. “I pride myself on working with great voices, but he transcends that. He’s a singer for all people, from the common man to the Pope.”

    Click Here To Pre-Order PASSIONE at Amazon

  • HITMAN: David Foster and Friends back in Asia! Singapore the first city in this year’s Asian tour

    Posted : September 3, 2012


    After two successful Asian tours David Foster and Friends is back in the region in November 2012. HITMAN David Foster and Friends will make its way to five Asian cities starting off with Singapore on 2nd and 3rd November, with their next stop being Bangkok, Thailand on 5th November, Jakarta, Indonesia for 7th and 9th November, followed by China and Japan. The new line-up of iconic artists for the first three cities include 10-time Grammy Award winners, Chaka Khan and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, young New Zealand classical crossover singing sensation Hayley Westenra and timeless favourite Paul Young. Introducing David’s latest music sensation Dirty Loops from Sweden! Catch them for the first time with David Foster and Friends at The Star PAC Grand Opening in Singapore.


The Hits